About me

My name is Clara Bernette, and I have a passion for writing that I want to share with the world.

As a little girl I used to read all sorts of stories and novels, and as I got older I would spend hours on the weekends and after school working my way through the classics. Dickens, Shakespeare, you name it I read it. If you want to be able to really get to know what makes a writer tick, then it pays to take a look at their favorite books. That’s what I always say anyway!

Once I finished school I studied English Literature at university, and then I never looked back. I loved every minute of it, and wanted nothing more than to embark on a career where I could share my passion with the world. Tutoring was the obvious answer, and it’s something that I cannot wait to do when I wake up each morning.

By being able to teach new aspects of my calling in life to people of all ages and abilities, I’ve been able to learn so much more than I ever could have imagined. Long may it continue!