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Why Us?

Language Eagles is the leading brand in the English Language tuition industry. Language Eagles was founded by Darren Tay (29 year old lawyer and the first Singaporean World Champion of Public Speaking) to help students become better learners, thinkers and speakers. Our teaching faculty (comprised 100% of lawyers) features are not just intellectuals, critical thinkers and eloquent speakers. Our faculty members serve as empowering and inspiring role-models for the students given their perfect blend of top academic competencies, passion for teaching and experience in coaching and mentoring young students.

Language Eagles focuses on the tripartite synergy of academic excellence, critical thinking and eloquence. Students studying in Singapore have been stereotyped and labelled (by several education stakeholders) as reserved, shy in class participation and not critical enough in their thinking. Language Eagles stands out from other competitors in that we conduct our lessons in an engaging and effective way to build and sustain confidence to excel in the subject. We train our students to not only be examinations smart, we train them to be able to articulate their ideas cogently and reason critically– skills imperative in the current and future workplace.

For Primary 5 and 6

For Secondary 1 and 2

For Secondary 3 and 4

For JC 1 and JC 2

Here’s what you can expect in a nutshell from us at Language Eagles Singapore

  • A first class English Language tutor

  • Proven track record

  • Regular personalised feedback

  • Effective teaching materials

  • Affordable rates

  • Engaging style of teaching

  • Small class size

  • 24/7 e-learning platform

  • Conducive learning environment

  • Powerful support

Training philosophy


Demonstration of concepts and techniques > Explanation of concepts and techqniues (through use of vivid and cogent examples, anecdotes and case studies) > Guidance to take students through the proper application of the techniques and knowledge > Evaluation to fine-tune and boost understanding of key concepts > Consistent and sustainable application of the acquired knowledge over several sessions considering the learning requirements of students.
  1. Extensive collection of model essays, literary works, academic articles
  2. Wide and holistic exposure to varied questions
  3. Proven examination strategies for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary school students


  • Assign worksheets and exercises to hone target skills
  • e-learning platform


Tutor and students are not the only stakeholders in this collaborative relationship. Parents play a crucial link in the success equation of all students. The communication vehicle between parents and tutor must not run out of steam. Getting parents involved (i.e. understanding and supportive role) in their child/ children’s learning journey.

Call us now to Register at 6443 4049 or SMS/ Whatsapp us at 86860753. Alternatively, you may drop us an email to support@publicspeakingacademy.com.sg

 For more information on our class schedule and rates, please go to our “Courses and Programs” page or click here to be directed to the “Courses and Programs” page.